Dread Lester at the Microphone

Dread Lester

My last post on this blog was back in August 2009 when I published the first installment of vintage sound posters from my good friend Dread Lester’s archive with his permission.

Strange then that as I type in on bleak February evening the Dread is no longer with us, his funeral passed and the passage of time for the rest of us relentlessly moving forwards.  Lester was a great man and a great friend. Whilst his body is gone his spirit lives on, and he has left behind a wealth of music for us to remember him by and draw inspiration from.

Myself and Lester swapped a lot of music between us as friends, including concerts we’d recorded or sessions we’d performed at.  For your listening pleasure here is one of my favourite sessions that Lester gave me in totality on CDR.

Recorded in 2004, it features Dread Lester on the mic alongside two of Wolverhampton’s all time top selectors.  This session was recorded at the Haile Selassie birthday celebration at Wolverhampton Cultural Centre, at which myself and Bushell were present.  You can hear his personality shine through on this session.  Watch for the “big up all baldhead in the house” part, where Lester responds with humour and wisdom to some more hard line members of the audience…

Part 1 – Dread Lester with Daddy Skippa

Part 2Dread Lester with Archie D


Livicated to Lester

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